Keraplast Technologies, LLC., a U.S. commercial-stage biotechnology company, is headquartered in San Antonio, TX, with manufacturing and R&D operations in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Established in 1996, our scientists have developed from safe, abundant natural sources, a novel extraction process which preserves the natural properties of keratin. 

Replicine™ brand keratin is a fully functional protein, and is used in a diverse range of products, from medical devices to hair and skin care products. 

Our technology is secured under an expanding portfolio of more than 170 U.S. and international patents.


Following several years of close commercial collaboration, in 2009 Keraplast Technologies purchased Keratec Ltd, a New Zealand based manufacturer and developer of keratin based products in the personal care, nutritional and medical areas.

Keratec now operates as Keraplast Manufacturing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Keraplast.