Repair, rescue, renew and protect

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Keratin is currently the buzzword of the hair care industry, from intensive repair treatments and specialized straightening procedures, to daily wash and care.

Replicine™ Functional Keratin® protein is closer in form and function to human hair keratin than any other material previously produced. Reversal of hair damage can only be achieved with Replicine™ Functional Keratin ® Technology that contains all of the essential components of the native protein.

Replicine™ Functional Keratin® presents the hair with the exact building blocks needed for repair, rescue, renewal and protection in a form suitable to be delivered from a wide range of familiar hair care formulations.

  • Rescue severely damaged hair through salon delivered treatments
  • Repair and restore hair strength and condition through daily wash and care formulations
  • Create more natural, even colors through pre-color keratin treatments
  • Control frizz and style through keratin treatments and straightening systems

Replicine™ Functional Keratin® hair care may be available at a salon near you.


Hair Damage Reversal is Possible with Keraplast Hair Rescue

Daily care, chemical treatments, sunlight, environmental conditions, combing and straightening are just some examples of the typical conditions hair is exposed to that cause the keratin structure to become damaged, leading to poor hair condition.

Reversal of that damage can only be achieved with a real keratin technology that contains all of the essential components of the native keratin protein, such as the recently launched Hair Rescue. Keraplast's Hair Rescue product is the first in a new range of salon only treatments for damaged hair, that uses Replicine™ Functional Keratin® to actively repair the hair shaft, leaving hair shinier, well nourished, with stronger ends, softer and silkier than hair not treated with Hair Rescue. This revolutionary product was launched to North American salon owners at Cosmoprof in July 2011 and is receiving an excellent response.

Read more about the new Hair Rescue product.

Repair and Protect every day with Keraplast Intensive Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner

Proven to rebuild the internal structure of hair, daily use of Keraplast Intensive Treatment shampoo and conditioner provides a daily dose of Replicine™ Functional Keratin®

Learn more about Keratin hair care as nature intended.

Building Replicine™ into your products

The Replicine™ Functional Keratin® technology forms the platform for a range of highly functional keratin protein ingredients and products suitable for a wide range of hair care applications. Replicine™ ingredients can be incorporated into standard hair care formulations, such as shampoos, conditioners, styling products, as well as more specialist formulations such as masks, serums and intensive professional salon treatments.

Hair Care - Product usage

Backed by a strong claim set and robust performance data, we work closely with select partners to ensure the best Replicine™ product is used in their hair care formulations, and maximum benefit is delivered to their customers.

Depending on the products you are interested in adding our Replicine™ brand Functional Keratin® to, we have different blends of keratin proteins and peptides that can be formulated, including the following:

  1. Keratin blends for professional salon shampoos and conditioners (salon intensive treatments) and consumer take home products for daily use;
  2. Keratin blends for intensive hair rescue including dry, damaged hair from treatment;
  3. Keratin blends for superior hair coloring treatment in salons.

Replicine™ Functional Keratin® is salon only hair care. To become a distributor or a salon carrying the leading edge of hair care contact us.


Replicine™ is different to other keratins used for hair care because:

  • 1. Replicine™ respects nature's complexity

    Replicine™ keratin technology understands and respects the difference between different keratins in the hair, and isolates each of these types of keratins separately. For example, some Replicine™ products incorporate keratin intermediate filament proteins. When applied to hair, these proteins repair hair strength by rebuilding damaged keratin intermediate filaments within the fibre. Non-Replicine keratins in the market are unable to distinguish between these different keratin types and treat all family members as one.

  • 2. Replicine™ controls and maintains form and therefore function

    Keratin protein structure is essential to physical and biological function. Replicine keratin can keep large fibrous proteins intact, using them without breaking important bonds within the protein. These large molecular weight proteins can then be used as protective films on a hair fibre surface to act as a sacrificial shield and prevent sunlight and environmental damage. Other keratin technologies often use only hydrolysis, breaking important bonds within the protein and losing the ability of the protein to build tough structures.

    The amino acids in keratins are linked in a particular sequence. Within hair these sequences coil together like small bundles of rope to build strong protein networks. The particular amino acids in the coil link, like teeth in a zipper, to lock the structure in place.

    At Keraplast, we have identified the specific amino acid sequences needed for this zipper effect, and ensured that they are maintained in our Replicine™ keratin proteins. The same sequences are present in human hair, and so Replicine proteins can be considered hair identical proteins. Other keratin technologies break up amino acids, and so lose the important "teeth in the zipper" needed for good binding, essential for genuine hair repair.

    Zipper only comparison

  • 3. Replicine™ controls the sulfur amino acids

    The Replicine™ keratin technology protects and controls the amino acid cystine to ensure it is available to link to hair. Other keratin technologies either destroy the amino acid cystine in an effort to make keratin soluble, or irreversibly modify it and make it unavailable to the body.

    In recent years Keratec brand Functional Keratin® ingredients have set the benchmark for performance and innovation. Replicine™ keratin technology raises the performance standard again to take hair care to a whole new level.