At Keraplast our mission is to continually transform our keratin innovations into life improving products in the fields of beauty, nutrition and medicine.

Beyond products and profits, we do what we can to make a difference. Here is what we are doing now to make the world a better place:

Supporting DEBRA: DEBRA is a charitable organization working across the world to help families living with epidermolysis bullosa, the worst disease you have ever heard of. We support DEBRA fund raising by:



  • Holding fund raising activities to support our local DEBRA branch. You can make a difference too by donating here.



Helping save the Rhinos: Illegal poaching of rhinos to harvest the keratin from their horn is threatening this beautiful species with extinction. We are trying to stop this by providing an ethically sourced, sustainable alternative and also support wildlife support groups and educate users of rhino horn about the threat. You can make a difference too by supporting the cause.

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