keramatrix®, a Replicine® Functional Keratin® advanced wound care treatment from Keraplast Technologies, has been granted reimbursement code Q4165 by the US CMS agency. The decision recognises the status of keramatrix® in the cellular or tissue based products (CTP) category, previously referred to as skin substitutes.

Gaining reimbursement coding allows clinicians to consider keramatrix® alongside other funded treatments for management of a wide range of wound indications, including venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites and burns. Being able to gain reimbursement for keramatrix® is timely, as recent clinical findings continue to support the use of keramatrix® as a first choice in wound management. A February 2016 paper in the leading journal Burns demonstrated a 39% reduction in healing time and a 47% reduction in cost of care when using keramatrix® compared to standard of care controls. This adds to the 7 publications in the last 12 months of clinical research on Replicine® Functional Keratin® in different wound indications, including chronic wound care and dermatological disorders.

Dr Robert Allen Smith, MD and Medical Director of Keraplast said "Clinicians want to be able to choose the best available technology when managing wounds, in particular complex chronic wounds. Skin substitutes have long been a viable option, but to be considered a treatment option has to have a good evidence base and be able to be reimbursed. keramatrix® has been building a solid evidence base over several years, and now has the reimbursement status to make it a viable choice for clinicians."

keramatrix® has CMS code Q4165 and is available in two sizes, 10cmx10cm or 5cmx5cm.
Product information is available here.

A full guide to on how to apply keramatrix® reimbursement is available here.
keramatrix® reimbursement guide.

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