The latest findings on the use of Replicine® Functional Keratin® in wound healing have been published in Burns, the Journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries. The article, published in the January online edition of the world's leading burn journal, details the 80 patient cohort study on partial thickness and superficial burns, comparing burn management using keratin wound care with standard of care in the treatment facility. Burn patients, with an age range of 7 months to 69 years, had wounds treated with either keragelT®, keragel® or keramatrix® depending on location and exudate level of the wound. The keratin products were found to facilitate healing faster (mean healing time of 8.7 days compared to 14.4 days) with minimal permanent skin change or scarring reported for the treatment group. The keratin products were well tolerated with minimal pain and itch, a common issue at dressing change. The keratin treatments were easy to use and administer for the health professionals in both outpatients and community settings and a cost of care analysis showed a 47% cost saving compared to the control group.

Mr Jeremy Simcock (FRACS(Plast), MD(Melb)), PI for the study summarised the key finding as “The keratin products are found to facilitate healing with minimal scarring, be well tolerated with minimal pain and itch, be easy to use for the health professional and be cost effective for the health care provider. For these reasons they are being adopted into use at our facility.” Sharon Cassidy (CNS) commented "Since being involved in the clinical trial and seeing the outcomes for myself, I now routinely use the keratin-based products for all burn injuries that I treat in my community-based nursing practice. I like the idea that these dressing products not only promote a moist environment, but also donate something extra to the wound-bed (Keratin), which accelerates faster wound healing. I consistently get positive feedback from my clients on their results”

Dr Robert Allen Smith, Keraplast Medical Director said "fast epithelisation and so fast wound closure is crucial for good burn healing. As we have seen in clinical settings for both acute and chronic wounds, keragelT®, keragel® and keramatrix® encourage fast epithelisation. In burn management this reduces the risk of permanent skin change/scarring and we see that clearly from this study." He added "ease of application and patient comfort are clinically significant findings from the study also. Dealing with paediatric patients is complex and can be burdensome on hospital resources, particularly with burns on the face or hands. Minimal pain at dressing change and the high ease of use reported is important for routine clinical practice."

Dr Clive Marsh, Keraplast Wound Care Development Manager said "Replicine® Functional Keratin® products have been used extensively in many areas, including diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, donor site healing and for scar management. This work demonstrates effectiveness in burn management and provides a good evidence base to support clinical decision making in burn care. It was encouraging to see good outcomes for the injuries (rapid healing, minimal permanent skin change/scarring), the patients (comfort and rapid resumption of ADLs), the health professionals (ease of use) and the health care system (reduced cost of care). With the wide availability of keragelT®, keragel® and keramatrix® throughout the world this gives clinicians a new option for burn care."

Replicine® Functional Keratin® wound care products, including keragel®, keramatrix®, kerasorb® and keragelT®, are available through a network of distributors throughout the world, including the EU, Asia and US. A detailed list for each region is available here.

Detailed information on keragel®, keramatrix® and other wound care products is available here. 

Article details:

Loan F, et al. Keratin-based products for effective wound care management in superficial and partial thickness burns injuries. Burns (2016),