Replicine logoReplicine™ Functional Keratin® technology has evolved from decades of scientific research.

Founded on a knowledge base built from 40 years at the forefront of keratin and wool science, 20 years of applied keratin research, has created a remarkable technology platform and manufacturing base to deliver Replicine™ keratin technology solutions across a range of personal care, health care, nutritional and industrial applications.

International Collaboration and Research

An international scientific and commercial collaboration between the US and New Zealand, the world’s leading wool producing country, has resulted in the combination of three key keratin innovations to create Replicine.

Following an extensive program of research into the medical applications of keratin materials, and identification of the key amino acid sequences responsible for healing responses observed in wound care and tissue healing, a suite of oxidized keratin materials was developed by US based Keraplast Technologies.

Parallel work at a New Zealand based institute of keratin and wool science developed products and processes for isolating intact keratins and keratin peptides using sulfitolysis processes.

Three Keratin Technologies Combine

The combination of the three technologies - oxidized keratins, intact keratin proteins and keratin peptides, has resulted in a unique keratin technology that captures the essential aspects of keratin proteins required for genuine benefit to human health and beauty.

We call the resulting technology Replicine™, the only real keratin that is commercially available in the market today.

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