• Use keragelT® at least 3 times per week for at least a month to have a good chance to see results. 

This 12 year old female with RDEB started using keragelT® daily and after 9 months the wounds on her neck were transformed :

before after




And this 28 year old female with EBS (Kobner) used keragelT® daily for 28 days

before after



  • If you find that kerageIT® stings - try putting it onto the bandage/dressing you use first then put that bandage/dressing on the wound - like in this video:





  • if you are using a gauze, crepe bandage or even clothes directly over the top of keragelT® you may find that it is sticky – try wiping it on from a gauze so that only a very thin layer goes on, like in this video. If you use a silicon dressing like mepilex then it will not stick.