Keraplast is proud to work closely with the EB community in various parts of the world, including the US and New Zealand. Some of the families using our products have shared their stories.

“just wanted you to know how amazed i am with Keragel T and how fast it heals my blisters. Thank you so much this is truly a miracle product. i hope everyone with EB knows about this because it makes a huge difference in 58 years of dealing with this. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Toni, USA.

"We have had the pleasure of using Keragel T on our son's skin. He has Epidermolysis Bullosa and has open wounds all over his body. We have been using Keragel T on the really hard to heal, large wounds that are particularly painful for my son. We have seen a huge difference in healing time for the wounds when we use Keragel T. We also like the fact that it is not an antibiotic ointment so his skin will not become resistant to it. We are always looking for new ways to help our son's skin and we are excited we have found Keragel T."

Patricia, USA.

"We have a son with a severe skin disorder, recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. His skin is very fragile and blisters or erodes very easily. Since we began using Keragel we have noticed that his skin particularly on his fingers is more robust. It has also helped with moist wound healing and we find Keragel useful when a wound gets to the dry itchy stage of healing, it is very moisturizing and soothing. At times I have drained large blisters promptly after they have happened and applied the Keragel over the wound and the skin has actually grafted back down. We are very impressed with this product and would not like to be without it."

Maria, New Zealand.

"I am a teenage girl and I have a condition called Dystropic Epidermolysis Bullosa which is a rare fragile skin condition. I use KeragelT mixed with sterile water to put onto my scarred skin. Some of my skin is very blotchy in colour, a mix of red and purple. KeragelT helps the shade of skin return to normal. My skin is very dry and this means it is itchy. KeragelT moisturises my skin. KeragelT can help the roof of some blisters stay in place. This means the blister does not become a open wound and therefore heals much faster. I use KeragelT with Manuka honey on open wounds. I find they heal very fast. I do not put this on the first day an open wound appears, I start using KeragelT when open wounds are two days old. I recommend people to try KeragelT."

H, New Zealand.

"We received a sample of Keragel at the EB Conference last summer. At that time, our daughter had a large injury on her face and we used the Keragel. It quickly healed up! Also the redness seemed to fade away faster with Keragel! Any new injuries she gets, we use Keragel."

          S, USA.


"Imamo sin koji boluje od težeg oblika genetski nasljedne Junakcijske bulozne epidermolize. Zahvaljujući Keragel T počelu su  cijeliti rane na prstima i rukama koje su vrlo bolne i za koje smo izgubili svaku nadu. Redovnom primjenom već nakon 20-tak dana imali smo izvrsne rezultate. Jednostavan je za primjenu i redovnom upotrebom uspjeli smo spriječiti  nastanka novih rana nakon pojave novih bula. Zahvaljujemo tvrtci Keraplastu koji nam je to omogućio"

          Natasa, CROATIA.


The elbow is one of the most difficult areas to manage throughout a longer period. It is clear is that the whole area does not completely breakdown anymore, it is much stronger, which means that even if it breaks so it heals faster.

          Jenny, Sweden.

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