FK Repair Ultra™

A range of Functional Keratin® ingredients developed to highlight the unique characteristics of the Keraplast portfolio.

Reduce color fade

FK REPAIR ultra™
Improve condition, texture and feel for beautiful hair

FK Repair Ultra™ is extracted from New Zealand sheep wool using a mild process, resulting in a uniquely Oxidised Keratin. This keratin is able to bond exceptionally well with damaged hair. Appearing to ‘heal’ the damage. FK Repair Ultra™ brings more than just the repair of damaged hair to your formulations,
with the ability to significantly reduce color fade, your products will lead to hair that feels better and looks better for longer.

Repair Ultra™ works by leaving hair that is:
Better nourished
Cleaved disulphide bonds converted to cysteic acid ~20kDa Intermediate filament proteins have the binding ability to damaged hair3D binding of amino acids.
Available in bulk solution and with formulation guides. Strengthen your color range or develop an
ultimate repair line.


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