What is DFK - FLEX
Digestible Functional Keratin
  • Glutathione-enhancing for protection
  • Boosts bodies production of structural proteins for healing
  • Very similar to human keratin
  • Bioactive
  • Soluble
  • Digestible
  • Published data, strong science
Natural Keratin in a Digestible Powder Form
Why formulate with dfk-FLEX
Easy to formulate with
  • Encourages faster collagen production
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Protects from inflammation in joint
  • Boosts body's master antioxidant to prevent oxidative stress
  • No specific restrictions
  • Stable over a wide pH
  • Free-flowing powder format
Heals and protects joints
heal ageing tissue
  • Study of 15 cyclists on 4 weeks supplementation showed 880g increase in lean mass compared to 70g for casein (p<0.050)
  • Contributes to healthy rebuilding of muscle tissue through cellular repair and increased collagen synthesis
  • Building muscle mass and structural proteins helps repair ageing joints
DFK FLEX combats muscle atrophy by increasing lean body mass more effectively than dairy protein
Cystine in functional and active form
Cystine either, Reversibly Modified
or, Converted to Cysteic Acid
  • Oxidized Keratin
  • Other keratin technologies either destroy Cystine in an effort to make keratin soluble or irreversibly modify it making it unavailable to the body
Cystine present in highest natural source levels
  • Maintains solubility
  • High molecular weight intermediate filament protein
Functional Keratin technology protects and controls the amino acid Cystine
natural anti-oxidant production
directly Stimulates taurine & glutathione
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