What is DFK - GLOW
Digestible Functional Keratin
  • Very similar to human keratin
  • Boosts production of the right collagen in the right place to repair wrinkles.
  • Very similar to human keratin
  • Bioactive
  • Soluble
  • Digestible
  • Published data, strong science
Natural Keratin in a Digestible Powder Form
Why formulate with dfk-glow
Easy to formulate with
  • Converts dietary collagen to the right collagen to repair wrinkles
  • Promotes stronger hair follicles & reduces hair fall
  • Provides ideal amino acid balance to promote healthy nail growth
  • Boosts body's master antioxidant to prevent oxidative stress
  • No specific restrictions - Stable over a wide pH range
  • Free-flowing powder format
Promotes and protects health of hair, skin & nails
Cystine in functional and active form
Cystine either, Reversibly Modified
or, Converted to Cysteic Acid
  • Oxidized Keratin
  • Other keratin technologies either destroy Cystine in an effort to make keratin soluble ot irreversibly modify it making it unavailable to the body
Cystine present in highest natural source levels
  • Maintains solubility
  • High molecular weight intermediate filament protein
Functional Keratin technology protects and controls the amino acid Cystine
natural anti-oxidant production
directly Stimulates taurine & glutathione
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