Bringing Inclusive Beauty to the World’s Most Ethical Keratin

Keraplast Manufacturing has announced that the world’s Most Ethical, and the only Functional, Keratin is now Halal certified.

Acting CEO, Paul Sapsford says the process was an important one for the Christchurch, New Zealand based manufacturer to go through.

“Its really about allowing inclusivity for the use of our products, this isn’t about creating a product for one niche market, but rather removing the barriers for inclusion.”

As the fastest growing religion and with one of the largest populations as a region globally, the time is right for beauty brands to begin the work of developing or modifying their products to meet the needs of end consumers in a more inclusive way.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers,global beauty manufacturers, to take this next step in product evolution. The time is absolutely right” says Sapsford.

As part of the certification process, quality systems and procedures have been reviewed at length, modified; and the entire organisation has undergone Halal training to develop a deeper understanding of the principles and importance of Halal to the Muslim community.

Members of the Keraplast Manufacturing Team show off the new Halal Certification (L-R Alan Carbon, Brett Rollinson, Jared Rollinson, Carol Henson and Richard Hill.)

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