Cosmetics & Toiletries highlights Functional Keratin Research on Scalp Health

With well established links between scalp health and hair quality, coupled with the growing incidence of premature hair loss globally, Keraplast Manufacturing took up the challenge to develop a clinically proven ingredient for improving scalp health and follicle anchoring.


The study of the follicle itself presents some unique challenges in testing. Partnering with BIO-EC, Keraplast have been able to use a donor explant model to mimic real world conditions with live explants of scalp skin containing follicles.


The outcomes of that research have now been published in Cosmetics & Toiletries, available to read here,  confirming FK Scalp as an integral tool in anchoring the bulb of the hair follicle and retaining healthy cell structure within the hair fiber itself.


Find out more about this incredible ingredient and how it can be developed into topical solutions to premature hair aging and hair loss by downloading our information booklet. Alternatively, reach out to one of our team for more information, or a sample, by contacting the Keraplast sales team.

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