Eyeing Up a New Product Category - Eyelash Health

There is a lot of focus on eyelash health in today’s cosmetics marketplace. With only one product being FDA approved as a drug for eyelash growth, finished products manufacturers are looking for nourishing ingredients offering;

·      Stronger eyelash hairs

·      Resilience against breakage

·      Anchoring of the eyelash which is often subjected to damage from false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, curling tongs and mascara brushes

·      Protection from the environment

At Keraplast we haven’t tested specifically for eyelash functionality with our range of Functional Keratin™ proteins but we do know they can:

 Produce stronger hair

o  52% increase in hair strength

 Reduce breakage

o  80% reduction in hair breakage

 Promote collagen growth in the hair follicle

o  Ground breaking research recently completed in France

o  More collagen around the follicle ensures better follicle anchoring

 Offer anti-oxidant, heavy metal chelating and pollution protection

o  Yes, we’ve tested this on the follicle too and shown protection from pollution

Is there a difference between eyelashes and scalp hair?

The anatomy is basically the same, but eyelashes don’t grow as long as our hair because the follicle stops the “growth” or anagen phase of the hair life cycle after 30 - 40 days vs between 2 - 7 years on the scalp. So that means the eyelash life cycle comes around more frequently, but the lashes are still prone to breakage and falling from the follicle.

We believe that our products will assist in eyelash serum formulations dedicated to the health of the eyelash and follicle.

For more information on these results download our FK Restore™ and FKScalp™ e-books. Or contact us directly with a question about your eyelash requirements.

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