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There is only one hair care ingredient in existence with the right amino acids, in the right place, that have the ability to repair the inside of the hair’s fibre. Afro-American hair, which can grow out instead of down, can range from loose waves to tightly packed coils. Chemical straightening treatments, improper combing, tight styling and lack of sufficient moisture may cause breakage of Afro-American hair. Because of the hairs’ curl pattern, natural hair products must address unique needs, such as inherent dryness, to promote healthy hair. A study* was undertaken to investigate the reparative effect of Functional Keratin on:

  1. samples of African American hair, and
  2. the application of Functional Keratin to half a head of hair for side by side comparison.
  3. mechanical testing was also carried out on random samples.

Results showed that post treatment hair fibers had significantly increased hair tensile strength by 19%. Other results of the study were astounding, showing;

  • 80% less breakage
  • 97% more shine
  • 83% improvement in color symmetry
  • 93% improvement in damaged ends
  • 78% more natural looking color.

Damage to the hair cortex occurs from any number of modern day treatments, from applying heat to curling or straightening, not to mention the damaging effects of coloring. (In the US fully 75% of women color their hair.) Functional Keratin® has been extracted through a patented process, from the world’s leading innovator in keratin technology, to provide powerful s-sulphonate functionality with antioxidant properties, as well as the isolation of intact protein fractions with unique amino acid combinations and high molecular weight film-forming properties. Moisture is a significant factor in hair softness. Dry hair is brittle and feels coarse compared with soft hair which has greater flexibility. Functional Keratin is able to protect the natural structure of the hair and, in doing so, assist the hair in retaining moisture.

* These results became available at inclusion rates between 1%-3% of Functional Keratin. In developing a range for hair repair and moisturization, these ingredients have innate protective and restorative properties. If you are looking to develop deep conditioning products for the protection or repair of Afro-American hair, these results provide compelling evidence for why Functional Keratin should be included in your formulation. For more information about ingredients for hair, repair visit our haircare ingredients page.

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