New Ingredient Meets Demand for Hair Detox

Increasingly complex lifestyles coupled with the adverse effects of pollution are showing greater incidence of hair and scalp related problems such as hair loss, hair damage, dandruff and itchy scalp. The scalp is the bedrock for the hair follicle and if it isn’t in good condition the chances of experiencing problems with hair growth and health increase significantly. The condition of the hair is a directly related to the condition (health) of the scalp.

This is causing a global demand for products that are able to detox the scalp for improved condition in hair growth and condition. Keraplast’s new FK Scalp enables you to meet this demand.

Polluted environments expose the scalp to oxidative stress,through the radical forming pollution components such as particulate matter,gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide as well as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. Keratins, such as the components of Keraplast FK Scalp, are well-documented to bind and neutralize pollutants such as metalions and organic compounds. (A. Ghosh and S Collie, (2014)). This reduces the oxidative damage caused to the skin.

Further oxidative damage can be caused by free radicals generated by UV exposure. Keraplast FK Scalp contains higher levels of cystine than any other protein material. The antioxidant properties of this cystine allows it to effectively scavenge free radicals generated by UV before they can create more harmful species to damage the skin causing inflammation and irritation.

“The skin is the interface with the environment, which can be a substantial source of reactive oxygen species from pollution, ultra violet light and oxidizing products. Endogenous sources of oxidative stress include Malassezia yeasts, energy‐generating metabolism and emotional stress. Given the prevalence of sources of oxidative stress, it is not surprising that it has been demonstrated to be a factor in a wide range of skin diseases: atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, irritant contact dermatitis and physical urticaria.” (Schwartz et al 2017).

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (2017) has shown that “the newly grown hair obtained from the dandruff and healthy populations likewise demonstrated that the hair growing from an unhealthy (dandruff) scalp is also under oxidative stress. This is a significant observation as it suggests there is a direct link between scalp condition and the quality and health of the hair that grows from it. This may help explain the many previous epidemiological observations from psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and seborrhoeic dermatitis, populations that showed compromised hair surface attributes.”

The study goes on to add that “This indicates that there is a causal linkage between scalp and resultant hair condition, with oxidative stress a potential underlying factor. This is supported by observations that conditions such as hair loss are also tied to abnormalities in oxidative stress in the scalp.”

The oxidative stress element of unhealthy scalp leads to compromised pre‐emergent hair formation. This is important because this poorly formed hair will be propagated as the hair grows. Once poorly formed hair emerges from the scalp, there is no way to fundamentally repair it. To achieve healthy hair, the scalp health must be normalized first.



Demonstration of propagation of the impact of compromised pre‐emergent hair formation.

Keraplast Manufacturing has developed FK Scalp™, enabling the development of formulations that:

• Remove dead skin cells, build-up and impurities that impede hair growth

• Nourish and restore the scalp

• Protect from hair and scalp stress caused by pollution

• Provide anti-aging support for scalp enabling longevity offollicle health

• Relieve scalp discomfort and itching


Supported by current claims and currently undergoing furtherin vivo studies in France, FK Scalp™ has been shown to cause;

• 160% increase in cell proliferation

• 70% reduction in PEG2 (inflammation) response

• Increased expression of collagen IV and VII

• Pollution protection through film forming anti-oxidant

The potent combination of patented proteins and peptides allcombine to improve the health of the scalp, protect from the environment andencourage healthy hair growth from detoxing the scalp from Oxidative stress andthe proliferation of health hair.

Alongside the high cystine content, FK Scalp™ and FunctionalKeratin®;

• Has strong homology with human keratin, a core componentof skin

• Maintains structure of hair and skin

• Repairs damage

• Has specific amino acid sequences binding to hair strongly

• Similar to a zip structure

• Electrostatic bonding

• Hydrophilic and hydrophobic bonding

• Superior to poorly functioning hydrolyzed keratin in themarket

• Molecular Weight 1,000 Da (Peptide) to 60,000 Da (FilmFormer)

• Biological activity well established

• Anti-aging, anti-pollution activity well established

• Collagen production demonstrated

• Protects and controls the amino acid cystine

To find out more about this unique new ingredient and how you could use it within your products to meet the increasing demand in the market for hair detox products, download our eBook here or get in touch with us to receive a sample.


James R.Schwartz, James P. Henry, Kathy M. Kerr, Michael J.Flagler, Steve H. Page and Nancy Redman‐Furey, Incubatoryenvironment of the scalp impacts pre‐emergent hair to affect post‐emergent haircuticle integrity, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 17,1, (105-111), (2017) First published: 17 November 2015

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