Oxidised Keratin beats out leading Bond Multipliers

We were pleased to have our ingredient Oxidised Keratin, featured in the latest edition of Cosmetics and Toiletries Magazine, with a direct comparison between the performance of our ingredient and other leading bond multiplier products on the market.

Why we need Bond Multipliers

Since Kim Kardashian took her hair from dark brown to ash blonde, there has been an increased use of bond multiplier agents in the market. Colouring is notoriously tough on hair, especially when it is done in the extremes. Clients want the look, but are often taken aback at the damage that is inflicted on their hair. Enter bond multipliers. Seemingly overnight the idea of your client’s hair being able to stand up to the treatment necessary to make that Kardashian-ish shift, became possible.

Why Oxidized Keratin is better than leading bond multipliers

Traditional bond multipliers effectively staple the hair. This may deliver strength, which is great, but fails to deliver flexibility. It’s the equivalent of painting over the cracks without fixing them first. The difference with Oxidised Keratin, as highlighted in the C & T article and research, is that when it comes to strength for hair – the oxidized keratin is actually rebuilding the hair fibre from within. A process that has previously been thought to have been impossible.

Most bond multipliers covalently bond with broken di-sulphide bonds in the hair fibre to provide strength during these treatments. Oxidized Keratin attaches to the fibre with a non-covalent bonding mechanism resulting in 20 percent stronger hair fibre.

Original research from the University of Alabama shows that this bonding mimics the natural coiling of keratin in the hair fibre explaining the more natural, less brittle finish of the Oxidized Keratin treatment.

Further, an Oxidized Keratin treatment also leads to a 78 percent reduction in breakage compared to other bleach systems without the lifting during colouring that can be seen with those other products.

Oxidized Keratin is only available from Keraplast Manufacturing in New Zealand, an organisation with strong links to the research community and located beside Lincoln University. This ingredient is the result of 20 years of research into wound care, and the development of keratin ingredients from a natural, sustainable New Zealand source that is 91 percent homologous with human keratin.

To find out more about the research conducted into oxidized keratin and bond multipliers, see the Cosmetics & Toiletries article. Or to find out how you could use Oxidized Keratin in your next formulation contact the team at Keraplast Manufacturing.

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